7 Apps That Every Content Marketer Should Try

Content is the key to success for every business. All marketers know that without content then search engines won’t find their business. A good content will improve ranking of the site or a blog hence increase in traffic will lead to increase in sales. Quality content should focus on the reader and solve the reader’s problem. Are you looking for sites that can help you write great content?



Content is the key to success for every business. All marketers know that without content then search engines won’t find their business. A good content will improve ranking of the site or a blog hence increase in traffic will lead to increase in sales. Quality content should focus on the reader and solve the reader’s problem

Quora website is a question and answer site where people get to ask question and other people answer their question.

Quora app is an application that helps bloggers and markets in learning what people are asking about and in content developers answers their question through content. Over the years Quora app has evolved in a great way that you don’t need to visit the official website to get questions as the app does all the work for you and in addition provides answers.

The best way to use Quora to get an idea of what content to write is to open the app and type the term that relates to your niche. A list of questions pops up and you’re able to see all the questions related to your niche. This helps the blogger to get an idea of what kind of content to develop. This is the best app for idea generation



Keeping track of what makes your rival prosper is very essential to content marketers. Knowing what is working for your opponents will give you an idea of what you’re supposed to do in order to succeed also. Following every competitor in your niche and analyzing what they’re doing can be very tedious. Pocket app can helps you to store all the pages you want to read even in offline mode. This tool is best bookmarking app for content developers.




Pusbullet connects all your devices in one device making it easier to track everything from a central point. Pushbullet has a browser extension and an android app making it the best application that links your online activity in the web with your phone.

Pushbullet ensure that you can receive all the notifications in your browser be it an SMS, WhatsApp message in your phone or even a call made to your phone. Push bullet also assist in sending links and files, chatting with friends and follow interesting things.your also able to sync various devices and send a file to each of them simultaneously

Push is the best application to coordinate all your marketing channels in a central area so that you don’t miss an important update.


Facebook Pages Manager

Social media is the biggest network where bloggers and content markets get all their traffic from. With nearly 80 % of the world population on social networks as a content developer this is a network you can’t miss to tap in.

Pages manager lets you create and manage one page or multiple pages wherever you are. With Facebook pages manager you can view and replay to messages, post updates. Respond to comments on your page and upload videos and photos.

Pages manager will also remind you of a pending task, give you push notifications and ultimately show you your page insights.




Evernote is the application that assist you as a content marketer capture, nurture and share an idea across any device. Evernote lets you make notes that are accessible to every device you have everywhere and forever.

Evernote has a remarkable feature for searching notes faster that lets even search even a handwritten work in your notes. Evernote is the best app for all your notes storage.



WordPress app lets you update your blog right, update, edit posts and upload images from the comfort of your mobile phone.


Blogger App

Blogger app is one of the content marketing tool every content developer should have. With Blogger app you can update your blog, comment, upload and share from any location with the help of geo tags.


Content marketing has become one of the basic needs for business. Blog and website owners should use these apps to ease there work and help them in real tracking of there marketing campaigns


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4 Ways To Deal With Competition

Affiliate marketing is one of the excellent ways to earn lots of money by promoting and selling products and services. Nowadays this line of profession has become so saturated with competition from experienced online marketers and its becoming very hard for a new affiliate to earn a living.

Here 4 ways to deal with competition in affiliate marketing.


  1. Enroll in an affiliate school

Affiliate schools will offer you knowledge on how to build a successful foundation in an affiliate marketing. You will learn from the experts the most effective concepts and information that will beat your way to the top in amidst of existing competition. Affiliate schools offer the best reading and training materials to guide you on your journey as an affiliate marketer. You can go to Udemy.com for online tutorials.


  1. Creating affiliate ads

To beat the competition, you have to advance your marketing strategies and evolve from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing. Creating attractive ads not only do they entice the buyer to click on them but also they act as bits of attracting lots of traffic in your site. Learning how to make beautiful and attractive affiliate ads should be on your list of to do things. Affiliate ads are not cheap, but they are worth to invest into.


  1. Owning an appealing website

Internet marketing requires any business or an entrepreneur to communicate the services or products their offering and the best medium to use is a website. An affiliate marketer is no less than a business hence owning a website should be part of their marketing strategy. A website acts as a virtual representation of your physical products or services offered. Owning a website as an affiliate marketer may give you an advantage in the competitive market in your niche. However, owning a site is not enough. Websites should be search engine optimized, responsive to all devices, user friendly and have current information that is very attractive to the visitors. A blog can also be a means of increasing your profits and beat your way to the top easily. When entertaining your readers with your blog posts you can advertise your niche products through content marketing. Use SEO and SEA tactics to rank your site.


  1. Embrace digital marketing tools

When you’re an affiliate marketer beating competition from rivals is no easy task, and you need all the help you can get. There exist free tools that can make your work easy and prosper. Some of the tools are Buzzsumo, Content idea generator, Google keyword tool, Google Analytics, Google webmaster tools, Buffer, Do share, Bit.ly and Gifmaker.me.



These are among of the many practical strategies you can use as an affiliate marketer to get ahead of your competitors and beat your way to the top easily.

Just like affiliate marketing, list building and email marketing is among the effective strategies that get you ahead of your tough competitors.

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How To Find The Perfect Affiliate Niche

Have you ever wondered why some online based companies, with flawless websites, vigorous sales strategies, and quality products, still struggle to make a profit or at least break even? The market volatility, competition, and antagonism involved in running an online business do not allow room for gaffes. Success requires cornering your market by specifying your target audience through niche marketing. It is a proven marketing system that when applied ensures all your advertising efforts reach the target audience successfully.


So, what is niche marketing and how can you utilize it?

Consumers today are always on the look-out for the best service providers that can meet their specific needs, instead of exploring the otherwise saturated market who tend to offer mediocre products. These groups of people have a common problem looking for a common solution. A market niche is thus created as a subset of a larger market; example owners of Bengal cats instead of cat owners. This simplifies networking between buyers and sellers.

One cannot ignore the value of affiliate meeting when doing business online. Getting involved with a niche enables you to shred off a significant amount of competition and enables utilization of affiliate marketing effectively. This is because some market niches do better than others. Finding the best niche is not easy as research and getting the right information is key to boosting sales and generating more revenue. Below you find an infographic from Earnestaffiliate describing this process.

what is affiliate marketing

Tips and tricks for finding a profitable niche

Identify your audience

Working with the right audience will ensure you maximize your earning potential. Chris Ducker, an online outsourcing guru advice affiliate marketers who earn commission from products they promote online can better connect with a targeted audience of customers who have both the inclination to buy AND the capacity to pay.

Research your niche market keywords

A search engine is a great tool in directing customers to your niche website. Identifying what exactly customers key into the search engine when looking for goods can be a great way of making your niche work for you. Where a large audience is involved, especially when applying social media marketing to direct buyers to your products and using SEO words can be advantageous. This has been made easy by the Google Adwords Keytool that identifies the right keywords for your specific niche. This database provides you with useful information specific to your needs.

Analyze the competition

Extremely rewarding niches are not that hard to find. A niche that has a high cost per click, those that have multiple pages of ads, advertisers who are in the top 3 premiums position and ads that are highly targeted to the search keyword. Matching these characteristics can prove rewarding in the long run.

Research industry trends

Google Trends is a free tool for analyzing market trends. This tool analyzes the performance of niche sites and the traffic movement. The information if utilized can be used to identify what is currently working and what is old news. Inclining your products to suit the high profile market ensures you are always serving the market with the highest payout ratio.

Decide on the niche to invest in

At this level, you will have enough information to work with. The most rewarding niches are the hardest to find. You can, ease this process by following the above steps to find exactly what works and what does not. Even the tiny bit of statistic can be the game changer.


  • When you make a decision to settle on a niche, you have to consider just some few more extra factors before locking it in.
  • Evaluate whether the Niche market is evergreen. It’s advisable not to invest in popular products that only do well in specific seasons. To make good profits as an affiliate marketer, you need products that do well all year round
  • Make Google your friend because it’s through google that you will learn whether the niche market is popular or not. This will be a factor when you want to use SEO to get traffic in your site
  • Before settling and making up your mind on a specific niche just evaluate yourself whether you love the niche. Affiliates who love a niche will do well because they have a passion in it.
  • Note. All niche markets are profitable if you do it right; however, these niches do better, and they are not seasonal. Health niche, Wealth niche, Romance niche, Hobbies, and Activities niche.
  • Be aware that you have a decent internet provider to get things running. Here you can find some UK and US providers.
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Great US internet providers

A few weeks back I wrote about some UK broadband providers that could be used for starting an online business from home. I got a lot of comments and emails from people asking for an honest US broadband review. Today I finally got time to put it down on paper.

Choosing the best internet provider in the United States is actually quite easy to do. With all of the companies that are vying for your business, it seems more about finding which providers are in your area and offering the best rates for the levels of internet that you require. To run your online business it’s important to have a good internet provider. Through the upcoming list of what are deemed the top internet providers across the nation.


Comcast/ Xfinity

Comcast logoComcast is a national brand, primarily based on the East Coast. With a recent acquisition of another major provider like Time Warner Cable, their reach and customer base have nearly doubled in the past few years. Focusing its efforts to make their brand more about making life easy for its customers, Xfinity offers a bundle of fast internet, clear voice calling and expanded cable all in one place. If you have this option in your area, and if you do not require all three of these services, they offer competitive rates on just signing up for internet. Depending on the speed that you require for your personal use or for your business, you can get varying packages ranging from the typical speed of broadband internet to speeds as fast as 150 mbps! For more information and package details, check out www.xfinity.com .



Charter logoOne of the primary competitors to the rising popularity of Comcast/Xfinity is Charter. This is a very similar set up, being that this company also offers the same three distinct services. There are not a lot of areas where the two of these companies overlap, but Charter is an equally diverse company. If you are to choose between the two, or if Comcast is not offered in your region of the country, you will find Charter to be a suitable replacement in terms of both price and package offerings. Their internet begins at 60 mbps, which in itself is more impressive than other offerings you might come across. They also offer varying levels of internet that can boost this 60 to even higher connectivity.



Verizon logoPhone companies have been working hard to make DSL internet finally able to compete in every capacity with the offerings of cable companies. There are many of these companies that you can choose from, but Fios from Verizon is among the highest rated. They are constantly offering introductory packages that are enticing price wise to give them a shot. While the bulk of their internet connectivity and speed sits around 50 mbps, they offer more powerful internet packages that can go up to as much as 500 mbps. This is ideal for those that are trying to do a lot out of a single internet connection, such as managing a modest sized business in one location.



AT & T logoAT & T is another phone based internet provider that specializes in offering you bundles for your home phone, mobile phone and internet all in one stop. Depending on what you need there are various packages that you can choose from based on functionality and speeds. These packages are more ideal for personal use, as the bandwidth and download speeds are not quite as fast as you might find with other offerings on this list. However, the price reflects the slightly slower speeds (packages rarely exceed 45 Mbps) compared to the higher priced faster internet offerings listed above.


There are all kinds of internet provider options that you are able to choose from. When it comes to making the best choice for you, it boils down to how fast you need your internet to be, how much you intend to run off of the connection, and the price that best matches the budget that you are hoping to stay around.


It isn’t hard to find even more reputable and highly regarded companies other than those already listed here, it just requires a simple search query into the high speed internet providers in your area. This should return an extensive list of providers, which you should compare and contrast with the criteria that suits you to find the best package and rate. Take advantage of introductory offers, as they are often very enticing, but be mindful of what the price will go up to once that particular introductory period has ended.

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Top UK Broadband Companies

England is home to some of the finest of all broadband companies that are available to the United Kingdom. What are the top UK internet companies out there in the UK? Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did. Because, to be honest, knowledge is power and it makes perfect sense to want to have some contacts for professional and reliable web hosting services should you ever require to have them. Listed here will be some of the greatest of all internet in the UK choices for a British ISP. You can safely use them for starting an online business such as a SEO company, a social media manager of to host your affiliate niche site.


Some of the top UK ISP companies are the following:

TalkTalk Broadband

TalkTalk broadbandTalk Talk – Talk Talk is the total package when it comes to providing excellent web hosting services and so much more. Talk Talk is all about TV, broadband, and calls. Talk Talk does offer totally unlimited broadband, Super Router that is award winning in description, and also online security that is also award winning as well. Talk Talk has both broadband and TV packages that do adapt well to a person’s overall need for them. What does this mean? It means that both of the broadband and TV packages are super strong and are versatile when it comes to individual usage. They have the truly amazing ability to adapt to your online requirements for them. The monthly rate for the cheapest package of internet services does start at L3.75 a month for a period of 18 months minimum. The next price on the cheapest package is L$10.00 for 18 months. Both of these web hosting packages both have a monthly line rental fee of $17.70 too. There is totally unlimited broadband that goes up to 17Mb and the core network is about 99.99% reliable.


Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin MediaVirgin Media – Virgin Media is another top hosting provider from amid the finest of all top hosting providers in the United Kingdom. Virgin Media is the fastest of all unlimited broadband companies in the industry. They are an excellent UK hosting provider from among other UK hosting providers for the simple reason they have all the right web hosting and bt broadband packages. Virgin Media has the right internet in the UK to suit both home and business options for all who need them the most. Virgin Media can indeed make you the fastest in both broadband access and broadband bandwidth. They are the one British isp that does address all web hosting, television, and telephone needs on the market.


Plusnet broadband and webmail

PlusnetPlusnet – Plusnet is another leading broadband and phone web hosting service. They are not only cheap in price. They are also fast and reliable the best of unlimited internet UK that you will not be able to find everywhere. They offer a wide range of web hosting packages to cater to everyone. Some of their web hosting packages go from being fibre broadband and phone to just broadband service and phone to just broadband service stand alone. It is possible to get fine and high quality professional unlimited broadband UK from as, low a price as, is only L$5.00 for 6 months without the price changing or going up a great deal. Each of the web hosting packages are truly of great value, are professional, and offer unlimited broadband in detail. There is a deal at this top UK internet company to suit anyone and everyone. Plusnet always strives to deliver value and service to all of their customers. They never compromise on value or service at all and never will. It was the voice of their loyal customers, which gave them the votes, they did need in order to win lots of awards. In addition to, being a first-rate British IP and always will be, simply because they go all out to make sure that every customer of theirs is satisfied and happy with their broadband service packages on all fronts. All packages come with Plusnet webmail services as seen on Webmaillogin.co.uk.


These are only three of the many fine and top of the line top UK internet companies that are in the United Kingdom. They are totally separate entities, and are apart, as far as other web hosting companies do go. These broadband companies put themselves out there for their customers, because they care, and this caring is something that reaches out to every customer in a very concerned and supportive kind of way.


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Best Tools For Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an inexpensive and highly effective means of promoting your business. With the high volumes of traffic constantly moving on the top social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), getting your company’s name out there should be as easy as it is profitable. There are numerous tools that you can use to help you get started, and the user friendly interface for the majority of the later listed options allows even the least “tech savvy” person to start promoting today.


Post Planner For Facebook


If you are looking to build a presence on Facebook and generate buzz through this site, you should check out a service called Post Planner. This is a service that is actually a derivative of Facebook itself, and offers you a wealth of information about the current trends for your type of business, and what kinds of content are most likely to go viral. This service also gives the user an option to schedule posts in advance, allowing for well thought out posts and a steady stream of content. You cannot live without this tool for any content marketing strategy!


Photosync for Instagram & Twitter

PhotosyncInstagram, Twitter and other like-minded social networking sites are big on visual content. If you are looking to branch out in this direction, a good tool that you should be looking into is Photosync. This software allows devices using the same wifi to share pictures instantly. This is a great way to take pictures with your phone and instantly move them to your computer to upload to your website, your accounts, or edit in applications on your computer. Likewise, you can take images you have edited or stored on your computer and instantly share them to your phone or tablet for posting marketing campaigns on the go.

Canva For Image Sharing


If you are someone that doesn’t feel comfortable designing your own marketing campaigns in general, then you can have some assistance in this area as well. Whether you are looking for basic Facebook ads or more complex multi-platform releases, you should be checking out Canva. This site and service has a ton of free design templates that can allow you to put together attractive content for your ads without the hours most have to spend doing it on their own.


These are just a few of the hundreds of great tools that can have you up and running on social media marketing in no time at all. Take some time and do your research as with any other aspect of internet marketing. For nearly every premium design or statistical application, there is most likely a lower cost or free option out there. Take your time and search out what your level of customer base requires, and have fun with the marketing campaigns you can now create! If you know some great social media tools share them with us.

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10 Tips For Writing Engaging Content

When people enjoy great content they will visit your site more often, share your content and your rankings will go up. To write engaging content you need to connect with your audience and deliver the information there looking for at ease. The advantages that come with useful engaging content are:

  • Your rankings improve in search engines
  • People get to read your content and because they love it they also share it on your behalf
  • It guides the reader in the path of making a sale or converting into a lead
  • Builds loyalty and long term relationships along your brand
  • Influences the reader to take an action

Here are 10 tips to guide you on how to write engaging content.


Write a compelling Headline

Compelling headlines

Research has proven that 80% of readers read headlines and only 20% of the visitors in your blog or a site will read the rest of the content. The value of a good headline is that it will capture the reader’s interest and attention in wanting to read more of what the content entails. A great headline acts as the catalyst to entice the reader to read and even share. Remember the objective of every content whether intended to entertain, educate, or market a product is to engage the reader emotionally and influence the readers state of mind to take an action. The choice of your headline will work towards your favor or against you.


Tell a Story

People love stories and they tend to forget facts. When marketing a service or a product through content the best way is to tell a story behind it. The best choice of stories are the ones that describe a humble beginning then a success follows. The objective of telling a story through your content is to clarify or drive home a point.


Write original content

Great content

Quoting, Copy pasting, spinning articles and paraphrasing from other sources with the same information readers have read over the years certainly won’t leave any lasting impression in the readers mind. The best way to engage your audience is to give them your opinion, your knowledge, some advice and solving their problems.


Use visual aids

People learn in different ways. Some will understand a point by reading, others by seeing a picture and others by watching a video and hearing the actual words. Pictures diagrams, charts videos help to break up your content and illustrate your point. When visual aids are used they help the reader to see the concept clearer in their mind and illustrate an idea. Any advertising company with products images and videos in their blog usually convert the traffic in their blogs to sales leads due.


Write Shorter Sentences

Lengthy sentences and run-on sentences may impress google since it favors quantity but the readers will at some point get bored and tired. The best way to make your audience keep coming back for more content is writing short and sweet paragraphs. Writing vocabulary and jargons will definitely make the reader not understand your point. Don’t assume that all your audience are 1st graders and they are as good as you’re in grasping English language. The content should be simple to understand even to the 5th grader and error free. To succeed in producing a great content that sells and captures one attention there some free applications you can use such as Microsoft word program to check for spelling errors and premium grammary to collect your grammar.


Use Power Words

The ability of a writer to integrate power words into a content makes the difference when it comes to capturing the attention of the reader. Power words are great in producing more engaging content. Some examples of power words are Beware, Survive, Afraid, Discover, Killer, Hazardous, Shocking, Awesome, Reveal, and Unexpected.

To succeed in engaging readers emotionally using a content you need to emphasize facts with the right trigger words


Well-structured Headlines and Sub-Headings

Engaging content needs well structured, organized with purposeful outline. Most of the people who read content get bored easily and close the tab if they are unable to scan the content; heading, subheadings, lists and key points. Everyone loves a quick and informative lists.

Always double check your content and if possible get an opinion from experienced content writers about the content before you publish it


Involve Your Audience

Since the content is meant to be read by people not robots use the 2nd person writing style. The 2nd person writing styles in a content speaks to the reader directly. Words such as ‘’you’’ and ‘’your’’ should be incorporated into your content to target and connect with the reader and hence influencing their mind to take a specific action.


Read Industry Stuff Often

The world keeps on changing every day with technology and keeping your information up to date is the key in content marketing. Readers love new ideas, opinions and new ways of solving their problems. Outdated information that dates way back will automatically leave your content with no readers and this will affect your personal objective greatly.

Read a lot of content from blogs and sites and keep your knowledge with the current trends in your niche industry.


Make it Shareable

Share content on social media

In the world we are living today marketing doesn’t entirely depend on the efforts of the owner of the content. For you to succeed you need the support from your audience in sharing your information to others. This is possible with the growth of social media networks and can have a big impact on your objective. To succeed in influencing the readers to share your content you must understand that shareable content is engaging and worth to be shared. Adding more time to write quality content that will appear useful to the reader will influence the reader in sharing your work


And now what?

A poor written content that is substandard cannot enhance your brand let alone increase your sales, leads or conversions. Creating engaging content targeting the emotions of the reader is the way to go in content marketing. Great content enhances your visibility in search engines and increases more traffic to your product or service site or a blog. Give the reader the content they are searching for and they will always comeback for more.


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Awesome Business Card Ideas

You have started your online business as a SEO or social media expert. But how can you present yourself to potential customers? You need inspirational and awesome business cards for that. As you probably know you can have these cards designed on platforms as Fiverr, Peopleperhour or Upwork. But how do you tell the designers what you want? Right, you need create and awesome business card ideas. I’ve search the internet for some of the best business cards around. You can show them to your designer and have them designed for you.

Tom Smith Business card back Yound Older front Upscale front Una Foster Front Two Sisters front Moxie Thiuesday Jack & Field front Chocolote back

Lucy Schaffer Let me introduce I will shoot you MR photography Club paradiso Jim Branson Woodpol

If you like these cards share them on social media!

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Best Internet Providers For Your Internet Startup

The internet is becoming the number one shopping locations for brick and mortar retail establishments. It is also growing leaps and bounds every day with online retailers looking to sell their wares on the web. No matter which one describes your business, having the very best internet provided to you will make or break your efforts. Here you will find a couple of the top providers of high speed internet and a brief description of the importance of getting the best your area has to offer.


Even just getting your business off the ground online is a monumental accomplishment. When you consider the long road ahead of you in generating unique traffic and driving users to your landing pages, you are going to be spending a lot of time on the internet. Having an available service that can function as fast as you want to act can keep you motivated and keep your marketing moving forward. Faster internet (highest bandwidths) process information faster as well, giving you with to-the-second information regarding your current content marketing strategies and the subsequent statistics. Here you find two great UK broadband providers.



Plusnet webmailAccording to both user reviews and the site itself, Plusnet is one of the highest regarded internet providers that your money can buy. They offer packages boasting unlimited bandwidth, which is not a common offering for any service provider. The site claims to offer speeds up to 17 mbps. Since it is phone line based internet, it is subject to a number of factors that can keep you from achieving the full potential of the internet. Carefully read the factors that impact your speed, and make the appropriate changes to optimise your internet overall.



BT InternetThis is one of the jack of all trades kinds of service offering you a wealth of entertainment and connectivity in one primary account to your home. Bundling for your personal use or for your business (or both) can save you money on services that you were planning on getting anyway. If you have a need for cable, telephone, and fast broadband internet, it seems that it would be more cost effective and streamlined to get them all from a reputable, award winning corporation like BT.


Internet marketing is something that cannot be understated in terms of growing your business to new levels. You cannot entrust the hours of your time it will take to create new content to unreliable and slow internet connectivity.

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5 iPhone Apps For Internet Marketers

Online marketing is one of the greatest and most powerful way of exposing your products to a wider market and acts as a catalyst of growth to any business. Every business nowadays is moving from traditional means of advertising to digital strategies because the target market is online. Having an effective online marketing strategy that will convert your traffic to leads depends on the execution of the marketing campaign and the tools used in the marketing.

IPhone has made it easier for online marketers to proper and target the market from the palm of their hands without spending a lot of resources in their marketing campaigns. Apple iPhone has the ability to advertise and promote a business using its applications. With the power that iPhone has it is possible for a business owner to manage all online marketing initiatives from any geographical location.

Below is a list of the top 5 iPhone apps for internet marketers.

Two Most effective iPhone apps for social marketing


Facebook for Iphone application

Facebook has more than hundreds millions of active users of all ages engaging every day in the social network. This huge traffic is hard to be ignored as they are potential customers that eventually might turn to be sales leads. Here are effective ways to use Facebook to your advantage as an online marketer

Utilize your Facebook fan page by updating it regularly with fresh content, entertaining posts, and run on promotions with it.

  • Pay Facebook to promote your page on your behalf.
  • Share your page in public Facebook groups.
  • Ask your friends to share and invite others.
  • Engage with your audience by answering their questions and conduct online surveys to get opinions about your service or product. This will give you an idea of what the customers want and how best to improve your service or a product.


TwitBit application  


Although Facebook is the most dominant and effective method of online marketing Twitter is also a crucial tool to utilize in your online marketing campaigns. The TwitBit application is the most effective tool to use due to its powerful features such as push notification, post and view tweets, geotag tweets, link shortening, embedded web and photo browser, istapaper integration and many other more remarkable features meant to assist you in online marketing.

  • This is the best way to utilize TwitBit iphone app towards your marketing success.
  • Tweet videos, images, and all shareable visual content your business is using for the millions of twitter users to see.
  • Be active and engage in others users and let them know what you’re doing
  • Make use of shortening links in order to ease the task of sharing them and making the look lovely
  • Use twitter search toolbar to capture trending topics so that you can maximize the traffic in these conversions
  • Other great twitter apps one can use are Tweetie, SimplyTweet and HotSuite


Two most effective iPhone Apps for Blogging


A blog or a site is an essential gateway for customers to read and view your products. A site acts as a virtual representation of your business and therefore these are essential tools in every business. iPhone has a wordpress app which allows business owners and marketers to update new content and manage their wordpress blogs right from their iPhones.

  • Some of the ways you can utilize wordpress iphone app is
  • Updating new content regarding your marketing campaign
  • Read and respond to comments on your blog
  • With wordpress iphone app your able to add static pages to your blog
  • You can easily share content from the blog or site in social networks


Tumblr Blog Application

Tumblr Blog Application

Tumblr application is very useful tool when you’re not an expert in setting up or posting complex posts. Tumblr blog assists the business owner to post content online easily and target market by gender, location and their interests.

  • Here are ways to utilize Tumblr iPhone application
  • Gives the ability to post videos, images, audio clips regarding a product or a service
  • You can add new content anytime to your blog


Analytics Pro for web analytics

iPhone Application for internet marketing

When marketing a product online or a service you require a tool to evaluate and measure whether you’re making the right decision in terms targeting your market and how your online marketing is progressing. Tracking the analytics and web statistics is very vital to your success as an online marketer. Analysis is a means of evaluation and the results are used to make business judgements .The best application for this work is iPhone Analytics pro. It will make your SEO work a lot easier.

  • Analytics pro iPhone app assists in marketing through the following ways.
  • Analysis, reporting and visualization of your marketing campaign
  • Visualization of key phrases that are driving clients to your product page hence you’re able to focus your content using the key phrases


Great Apps Isn’t It?

IPhone has made it possible for business owners to truly conduct their online marketing primarily relaying on their mobile devices. This is the time for every business to utilize these application and better position itself with the current technology of digital marketing.


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